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McKinsey Corporate Finance: How to make M&A work in China

By The McKinsey & Company, Inc.


M & A activity in China is surprisingly low given the strong flow of foreign direct investment into the country. But factors that might have inhibited companies from undertaking M&A activity in the past no longer apply in some cases, and opportunities abound.


Successful growth through M&A is possible for companies that understand cultural differences and are prepared to adapt fundamental components of the process to conditions in China. Key considerations include finding new approaches to valuing potential targets and to conducting due diligence, as well as ensuring an appropriate level of control over investments once a deal is completed.

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Goldman Sachs Global Economics Paper: Dreaming with BRICs:

The Path to 2050

By Goldman Sachs


BRICs: standing for Brazil, Russia, India and China, the Goldman Sachs Economic Research report  forecasts that, by 2050, the BRICs economies together could be larger in U.S. dollar terms than the G-6, consisting of U.S., Germany, Japan, U.K., France and Italy.

By projecting emerging market GDP growth, income per capita and currency movements, the research team forecast a potential global economic realignment with significant implications for international policy-makers and investors.

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